Your CBD & Hemp Business Directory

Your CBD & Hemp Business Directory

Your CBD & Hemp Business Directory

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Best Hemp Business

Priority Payment Systems

Accept Payments for CBD Online or In-store Quickly, Easily, and Securely with Priority.

Ag Marvels

Ag Marvels is leading the agricultural Hemp Revolution in the state of Michigan, offering complete seed to sale services and resources for Michigan Hemp producers to become highly effective with their success in this new crop industry in the state.

Backbone Software

Our fully customizable platform helps customers monitor activity, improve quality, and increase their yields.

CBD Wholesale Networks

CBD Wholesale Networks is your trusted supply chain sourcing agency. With the largest reach through our #1 LinkedIn Group the "CBD & Cannabis Professional Business Network" we've been able to reduce the time and increase earnings for our clients.

Ultimate Escrow Services, Inc

California’s Trusted Escrow Company Ultimate Escrow Services, Inc is a premiere full-service independent escrow company providing our clients with the ultimate escrow experience in a wide array of escrow services across the globe.


Klersun is a producer of high quality hemp extracts, specializing in broad spectrum CBD extracts with non-detectable levels of THC. We also make isolates, terpenes and other custom formulations.

Paragon Payroll & HCM

Our MRB-compliant banking partner means you get a peaceful payroll experience. No more worrying about getting the boot just because you're in the Cannabis industry. We've got specific experience serving the Cannabis industry (since 2016), and we've

Amberwing Organics

Quality CBD Products - CRAFTED WITH CARE Proprietary Cold CO2 extraction process. Wholesale - Sell Amberwing Products White/Private Label Bulk Full Spectrum: Crude, Distillate, Isolate, Water Soluble Nano Extraction Services & Equipment

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Recent Reviews

Most excellent!
Most excellent!

I have not seen anything that compares to this platform; it provides everything a producer can ever want; it's covers ...

Dallas Devam
May 20, 2020
Great Quality
Crystallized Distillate
Great Quality

Just purchased from them and we are going to continue our business with them

Damien Christian
May 20, 2020
Best Flower
Best Flower

Awesome flower, great taste and smell.

Marc Brucker
May 3, 2020
The Persistence Pays Off!!
Priority Payment Systems
The Persistence Pays Off!!

My online CBD company had been without a payment processor since another company was halted in providing those service...

Antonio Carrington
April 29, 2020
Five stars!
Five stars!

Excellent site.

Paul Verdile
April 28, 2020

Grateful to be part of such a strong team!!

Colby Watkins
April 20, 2020
Thumbs Up!!
Thumbs Up!!

You can find the highest quality smokable flower, feminized seeds, and finished products here. Check them out!

WherezHemp Test
April 20, 2020
Self Review
Hemp Batch Tracker
Self Review

We are doing everything we can to be an advocate for the hemp industry and an advisor to legislators at the same time....

Justin Trowbridge
April 16, 2020

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